You are alone in a mysterious dark room full of traps that can change their placement time to time.
You must find the exit before you find your death.
Light up the room, prevent your fall.
When the light fails you, your other senses are your friends.
Survive and escape. 

Objective: You must find the Exit on the floor (one of the tiles). BUT to open it, you need to find ANOTHER tile that can actually open the said exit door with some of your light capsules. Good luck in the dark!

Are you using Keyboard?
Use the arrow keys to move around the darkness
Use Z to attack
Use X to light up your path.

Or are you using a GamePad? (based on XBox 360)
Use A to attack
Use B to light up your path.

Better played with Gamepad and with sound!


This is our first published game, more precisely, our first ludum dare finished game! This was our submission to Ludum Dare 37, so I hope you understand if the game is short and maybe has some flaws (it was made in 72 hours!).

Thanks for playing and enjoy!

Install instructions

Don't forget to install the "dxwebsetup" before running the "Umbra Exitus" application!

Enjoy and thanks for playing!

- Umbra Team


Umbra Exitus (32Bits) 37 MB
Umbra Exitus (64Bits) 44 MB

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